Who we are

When Alika and I decided to name our company Erotic Aliveness, we were very clear that the central aspect of our teachings was going to be on how to live an erotic life, because we believe, a life without eroticism is not worth living.


 When you go back and read about the Greeks, you learn that erotic love is referred to as a kind of madness. Eros is ultimately the embodiment of desire for wholeness, a desire for interconnection and interaction with other sentient beings. For Plato for example, Eros is the subject that seeks to go beyond itself and form a communion with the objective other, that one that is absolute beauty, beauty described as out of this world.


 For us the word Erotic is almost an equivalent of "life energy", implies sex as a transcendental experience, is the quest for meaning in our lives. Mystics talk about erotic intelligence, which is living with a particular mind set for having transcendental experiences. By doing so your life starts to vibrate, suddenly is full of vitality, energy, playfulness, curiosity, mystery, and radiance. This is a place you enter with yourself and another, a place to travel.


 The major keys of living an erotic life are imagination and creativity. As Esther Perel says: "imagination is so powerful that we don't even need to touch a body to have an orgasm, is an act of profound creativity, the envisioning of an act." 


 Ferdinand Fellmann defines eroticism as "a way humans transform sexuality into a mental activity that results in pleasure for it's own sake."


 Being creative is being erotic. Using creativity is having the courage to explore new territories. This is not linear, it is expansive, and goes beyond our reality and our self definition. This is stepping outside the boundaries, connecting not to the obvious, but creating a reality that exists in our imagination. This is looking for profound experiences of freedom and self expression.


 We encourage erotic practices to access expanded states of consciousness and as a path to transcendence. Many people experience a split between sexuality and spirituality in their lives, but through sex we validate our intuitive sense that sex can be worship and that worship can be erotic. We believe sex is considered sacred for accessing peak experiences of love, bliss, oneness, ecstasy, and it's capacity for merging with others and healing.


"Eroticism has it's own moral justification, as it says that pleasure is enough for me,

this is a statement of the individuals´ sovereignty"

                                                                                                                     Mario Vargas Llosa

Alika Medeiros


Alika is a shaman specializing in sexual healing and somatic therapy. He is also a yogi and relationship coach. He is a certified massage therapist and has studied Hakomi and Bodynamics. His intention is to bring back balance into the mind and body. Depending on what the client needs, Alika can blend different modalities and massage techniques for maximum effectiveness. His inquisitive nature helps people to find answers within themselves. He's an authentic healer, listens to his client’s body and support them in what they are longing. He is committed to the evolution of consciousness.

Jayya Yedid


Jayya is a Natural Chef, entrepreneur and owns several restaurants in Mexico City. She has also studied Advertising and earned a M.A. in Arts. She has taken several training courses including corporal psychotherapy, shamanism and energy work. She is a certified yoga instructor, tantra educator and practitioner. She partners with Alika and teaches several workshops around the world about Erotic Aliveness. She is committed to helping people find their true potential, transform their lives positively, and experience greater personal empowerment.