Body Work

One of the purposes of massage is to alleviate the body from stress and pain. We use different techniques depending of what is required.  We work with hands, fingers, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, and even full body weight. We also offer different modalities: Swedish, relaxing, deep tissue, Thai, body to body, sensual and erotic massage. Many of the methods we use have to do with awakening the kundalini energy in clients´ bodies. Kundalini or Shakti energy sleeps on the base of the spine and through energetic massage it rises up through the column and awakens spiritual centers in the brain. We also like teaching massage techniques to our clients., We offer a basic course where we teach five ways of touch: energetic, loving, therapeutic, sensual and erotic massage. This course is highly recommended because it encompasses basic knowledge and foundational tools.


Booking a session


Prior to scheduling the session, a 30minute complimentary conversation is required.

Each session can last 60 or 120 minutes.

Massage Courses and workshops


We teach private classes one on one. These classes are good for single people who want to learn more tools on how to please their potential partner or lover, and for couples who want to deepen their connection with each other through touch.


We also teach group classes, day courses, and weekend workshops. Click on the workshop tab on the home page, to learn more of what´s coming up.

Appointment day


Massages can be a blend of many techniques and modalities. On the day of your appointment you can decide the best technique that is the best for you: 


  • Alika´s Special. This is a blend of different massage techniques  such as the following:

  • General massage. Basic therapeutic massage which includes Swedish, deep tissue, accupressure.


  • Sensual. This is a combination of strong and light touch massage where we can use our hands, nails, hair, breath, feathers, and more to help highten the senses and stimulate the sexual energy in the body.


  • Body to body. This massage includes full body pressure that gives the client a sense of groundedness and containtment, as well as the experience of erotic pleasure which awakens the body.


  • 4 hand massage. Practioners simultaneously massage the client. For those that want to experience the masculine and feminine touch simultaneously, this helps to find balance of yin and yang energy in the body.


  • Thai massage. This includes yoga stretches, accupressure points, and postures to realign the body. For this massage, we don´t use any oils, and we suggest wearing comfortable loose clothing.


  • Couples massage. Both of you will have your own therapist who will be solely focusing on you and your massage. This is a great gift to a special couple that want to relax together.