As facilitators, we help improve our clients' performance here and now with different techniques. Our focus is on helping individuals that are stuck, and find it hard to realize their values and goals and unlock their true potential. We teach them tools to help them have healthy boundaries with others, and engage with the world from a different perspective knowing that the answers to their own problems is within them. As coaches, we also help people to improve their life by teaching them how to stay in their body. Grounding techniques help them to be present in the moment, pull them out of their inner dialogue and shut down their critical voice. By silencing the mind, one can start to feel the emotions flow and become more alive. In our coaching sessions, we use the Bodynamics method, this has proved to be very helpful for people. 

What is the Bodynamics method and why is it effective in a coaching session?


Bodynamics is a very effective method for people to stay in connection with others while not losing connection with themselves. This system has proved to be very effective with people that struggle being themselves while being in relationship to other people. Bodynamics focus on specific muscles in the body that strengthen healthy ego functions. We teach people to maintain their individuality, be in touch with their feelings, own and honor their values, and live in accordance to them. By doing this our clients become more authentic in their interactions.

Booking a session


Prior to scheduling a session, a 30-minute complimentary conversation is required. We would like to learn about your unique situation and to understand how clear you are about what you really want in your life, so we can help you obtain your goals.


There are two ways to schedule a coaching session.  In person, which is what we recommend  and  takes place in our Santa Cruz office or via Skype, which is convenient  and works very well  for people that don’t reside  locally. Our sessions usually last 2 hours, depending the case.


Appointment Day


In the initial session, there should be a healthy exchange of talking and listening.  We would like to know what is going on in your life, what goals you have set, what are your current setbacks, your future expectations and aspirations and generally just get comfortable with each other.  It’s important for us to do a bit of digging in order to ascertain if we are a good fit for working together and most importantly if we can successfully assist you achieve and accomplish and your goals.