Movement and exercise are habits we encourage clients to integrate in their daily lives if they value longevity and health. Any routine is great to keep the energy flowing. Stagnate energy is the cause of many diseases. There's different types of movement that we can propose to help our clients be present in their body. Yoga, chi kung, calisthenics, joint mobility, stretching, dancing are a just a few, any of which builds strength, flexibility and improves sleeping. Movement also increases the amount of energy in the body, which in the end can be used for healing. Trauma also causes blockages in the tissues. We recommend our clients use any kind of exercise in addition with breathing techniques to help release emotions that are obstructing the nervous system. Taking care of the body also helps to ease the mind. Over all, the intention is to help remove anything that no longer serves you, so that you feel more alive, with increased vitality, and can enjoy life to the fullest.

Alika and Jayya offer a great mix of challenge and support, intuitively giving each when they're needed most. They're well studied, well informed and can effortlessly relate through their personal experiences. Their style of curiosity and sharing wisdom in a non-judgemental way created space for me and my partner to connect more deeply with each other and with ourselves in ways that worked best for us. It's been a pleasure working with Alika and Jayya and after many sessions still discovering new insights for connection and growth with their support.


I give my highest recommendation for Alika. I went to see him based on a friend´s suggestion without any particular clear idea of what I wanted to work on. With his help we identified some issues and I had 2 powerful sessions. He has enormous integrity and skill and true love for his work with his head and his heart in the right place. I believe what he offers is very important to women and by extension to men as well. He is 110% trustworthy and honorable, and the first place to go if you are considering doing this kind of work.


-Kelly B.

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Booking a session


We recommend booking a group or individual sessions of yoga, chi kung, calisthenics, joint mobility, stretching, surfing, or free movement.  Alika is an expert in this field and will work with you to get you back in shape and feeling into your body. Staying active increases happiness. Movement is vital to all human beings and is a lot of fun with endless options. Just give us a call and we´ll set up an appointment. Our sessions are 90 minutes.


Appointment Day


We will start by warming up the body by doing joint mobility exercises. This is important because it lubricates the joints that promote flexibility. After that, depending on each individual and their goals, we will do calisthenics, these are extreme motor movements that are performed rhythmically using your body-weight. This could include running, standing, grasping, pushing, bending, jumping, swinging, and more. There are other options including yoga or chi-kung. The idea is to keep clients motivated and inspired by a program that is fun, challenging and supportive. All the programs are designed individually and are a blend of various movements that are intended to strengthen and stretch the body. The benefit of the programs is to provide muscular and aerobic conditioning as well as reinforcing balance, agility and coordination.