The idea behind bonding is to form an enduring connection with someone. When we connect we satisfy our need to belong. It also strengthens our sense of mutual caring, intimacy and appreciation. Intimacy supports health and happiness in human beings. People live longer and handle problems better when they have support. Sexual contact helps bring people together. Our approach is to encourage our clients to consider an increased desire for deeper connections and finding ways to explore pleasure and expand their sexual energy which, in the end, is an amazing force of life. Another important piece is communication and deep listening. This is very important for couples, to ensure that their desires and needs can be met. In our experience with clients, shame is another big topic around sexuality. We assist and guide our clients to transform it into wisdom and empowerment, as well as supporting them to clear away and discard old beliefs and inspire them to create a new model that is more suitable for them.

Booking a session


We strongly recommend that an intimacy coaching session take place in person, in our Santa Cruz office, however via Skype is an alternate option.  Our sessions usually last two hours. Prior to scheduling the session, a 30- minute complimentary conversation is required. We would like to learn about your unique situation and to understand how clear you are about what you really want in your life, so we can help you obtain your goals.

Booking your weekend


As with any of our coaching sessions, we will initially speak with you prior to scheduling the private weekend. It is essential that we comprehend your situation and the results you seek so that we can determine the best way we can be of service to you. We suggest that you consider a Weekend Get Away, book a hotel or a nice place where you can relax and forget your daily routine. Another option is for you to stay at home and we can come to you. You would need to consider our expenses is this option works for you.  A third option is that you come to Santa Cruz, where we are located, book a place to stay and plan to spend the weekend.  This is a custom designed workshop so the price could vary. 


Tantric Day Session for singles and couples


This is a six-hour intensive session. This session might include life coaching, intimacy coaching, sensual bodywork, breathwork and sound healing. This session is custom designed and based on the specific needs of our client.

Prior to scheduling the session, a 30-minute complimentary conversation is required. We would like to learn about your unique situation and to understand how clear you are about what you really want in your life, so we can help you obtain your goals.


Other courses and classes


We teach many group classes, day courses and weekend workshops. Click on the workshop tab on the home page to learn more of what´s coming up.


Appointment Day


We will start the session by listening to you and your partner (in the case of a couple), and ascertain what you are both striving for. We´ll do some exercises to keep you grounded and in your body. We´ll also guide you through different breathing exercises and teach you some techniques to connect with yourself and with your partner. We´ll explain from our perception of what is happening in your case, and how we can improve the situation. We will also give you homework that is designed for practice and mastery. We can guarantee you´ll see great results if you apply yourself and do your homework. Additionally, there are many tantric rituals that can be utilized to strengthen participation and contribution. Moving forward as with any of our coaching sessions, we are obliged to keep you accountable by meeting together as often as requested, required or necessary.


Couples Tantric Weekend


This is our main area of expertise and we are committed to help you live an erotic and fulfilling sexual life. This is for any couple that wants fast results. There are no quick fixes when it comes to changing any situation that has existed for a long time, but definitely there are many concepts that can be implemented to affect dramatic change.  Throughout the weekend you will learn different techniques to help you have better sex. You are also going to learn more about yourself and your partners’ desires, pleasures, dreams, and fantasies. We are going to teach you how to live in an erotic way in every aspect of your life. How to be; creative and fun, wild and sweet, to surrender and how to take the lead. We can custom design this workshop to specifically meet the interests, requirements and desires of the couple.

Working with Alika and Jayya was life changing for my wife and I.  We’ve both been doing so much work on ourselves these past years that we have certainly grown by leaps and bounds and had some wonderful openings.  But the focus was always on ourselves (as it should be).  Alika & Jayya were able to give us tools and move us forward as a couple.  So while we were able to each work on ourselves and have amazing openings, the focus was on how those openings can bring us closer.  And we were given tools to use to work together to continue supporting each other’s growth.  In short, our time with Alika and Jayya has been one of the most valuable things we’ve ever done as a couple.  I recommend them to anyone serious about expanding their love and connection with their significant other.

-Brian and Angie

As a professional dancer self-care is #1. Alika is a tantric shaman, and has been a gift to my body, mind, and spirit. He is very consistent in expanding my awareness and spiritual awakening with his teachings.

A massage with Alika is a like being in the hands of a sculptor, who's firm and compassionate touch is the finest quality I have ever experienced. l am very happy and appreciate our time together.

-Celeste Chesko

I'd been looking for a healer and guide who holds the Divine Masculine in a very sacred way for many years. Alika created a sacred container of inquiry and support for my personal and life goals, and reflected such simple, yet profound truths back to me in our sessions. I can't help but to thank the universe for pointing me in the direction of his offerings.  As a body worker he is very sensitive to every need. I found myself consciously allowing myself to practice the lost art of receiving, anybody relate… ladies?

-Gina R.

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