Journey Work

Sacred plants and breath work are used for expanding consciousness. Journey work helps to gain more clarity about life, and many times teaches us about our mission and purpose. Journeys unfold is different ways, but mainly teach us to be humble and surrender to life and death. It helps us to dissolve the ego which normally is on our way for awakening. After this kind of experience, clients have breakthroughs, seeing life in a more expanded way, usually becoming more aware of what aids them to move forward and what holds them back. Medicinal plants and breathing techniques are also used for their ability for clearing trauma, revisiting old stories, and getting useful information on how to move forward in certain situations. It also helps with depression, addiction and anxiety. As facilitators, we guide and hold space for our clients. Our intention is to establish a safe container, so they can let go of worries and go deep and get the most out of it After the journey there will be integration where we talk about the clients’ experience, insights and of their awareness of any directional shifts and or alterations that surfaced that need to be addressed and possibly implemented in their lives after this experience. Our purpose is to support and keep clients accountable moving forward.


Booking a Journey (By referral only)


We offer this service to singles and couples that have done previous work with us, and who want to go deeper into their psyche, and/or want a break through experience. We also offer this service to people that have done similar work with other shamans and desire integration of their experience in a supportive and well held container.

Journeys for couples


We totally support and recommend having a journey with your partner. For couples that have been together for many years, this experience is great and almost necessary to purge old resentments, misunderstandings, negative feelings and emotions that have been building up in the relationship over time. By having this experience, couples have the opportunity to communicate whole heartedly everything they have bottled up and concealed. The results for opening up in this way, and sharing uncomfortable information within a container are amazing. Couples can reconnect, defuse misunderstandings and effectively clear the air after months or years of being energetically separated. This experience could also be extremely challenging, but in the end, it allows for authentic expression and potential healing.


Although we highly recommend this experience to a vast number of people, our responsibility is to advise you that this is not for everybody. Journeys can be very challenging and intense, so if you haven't experienced one already, we don't recommend doing one unless:  you are good at grounding techniques, you have been doing psychotherapy or somatic therapy for a while, and you have been practicing breath work and/or meditation. Journeys are a good option for people that have already done inner work and want to deepen it even more.

Guided Breath work


We use this technique for clients to experience an extraordinary state of consciousness. Deep and rapid breathing is used as a catalyst to expose and uncover feelings, emotions, thoughts, dreams, anything that is trapped in the psyche and needs to be released and healed.  By doing this type of breathwork the client may experience or transition into a shamanic journey. The difference between this and a shamanic journey is that with guided breath work the client doesn´t need to state  an intention or have a specific question to answer or problem to solve, the work is done with whatever comes up in the moment.  Music and aromatherapy is used to intensify the experience which can last aproximately 2 hours.