When we talk about nutrition we are talking about what nourishes oneself, not only in the physical level, but also emotionally, and spiritually. We are aware of the intrinsic pleasures of eating, but we like to teach people how to choose nutritious foods and eat them mindfully and with gratitude to have better digestion. There is no food plan that works for everyone. People have different needs, are going through different stages in their life, and also may have health challenges. Our approach is to support our clients’ preferences while including whole foods that are fresh, seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local in their diets. We also encourage our clients to try new and healthy foods, and to be open to new tastes. Eating for health is a choice, so we like to teach people how it definitely has an impact on their energy, mood, body composition and quality and duration of life.


Meal plans


Contemporary diets are now personalized and focused in wellness, performance, and energy. The goal is to feel lighter, have better digestion, reduce inflammation, and ultimately look and feel good and happy.  Our job is to empower people and clients to make healthy shifts in their lives. When it comes to nutrition the idea is to move toward healthier eating patterns. Making big changes on what to eat can be overwhelming, but small shifts in food choices can make a big difference.

In our personal experience, people are hungry for guidance and direction, so for that reason we have decided to design for our clients, meal plans and customized diets that are effective, support healthy body weight, meet nutrient needs, and lessen the risk of having a chronic disease.

Booking a session


Prior to scheduling a session, a 30-minute complimentary conversation is required. We would like to hear about your goals, challenges and motivations to get a sense of the best methods we can use in order to be of service to you.  Our first session usually lasts 90 minutes.  


After the initial discussion, we will send you an email with a daily nutrition list, activity and exercise journal sheet, that you can fill out every day (at least for a week before our scheduled session).


Appointment Day


Jayya will review your journal from the prior week and discuss it with you and then ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding your: metabolic type, eating habits, health conditions, allergies, taste preferences, the food you enjoy the most, your favorite dishes, and a little about your lifestyle, as well as your health goals and challenges to obtaining them.


Based on your answers, you´ll be given a dietary recommendations sheet, where you´ll find the foods to emphasize and the foods to reduce and avoid according to your particular body. You´ll also receive a weekly meal plan to follow until we meet the following week. Recipes are included and sent to you by email, so it would be easier for you to follow the plan as suggested. If you don´t want a follow up session, this could pretty much be an informative session where you´ll find out some interesting aspects about yourself related with food, have a better understanding of a diet, and what is considered to be healthy and unhealthy eating habits.