Bodywork for Guides


Topics covered during this workshop are:


  • Ritual, grounding techniques, prayer: calling angels higher self

  • Body preparation before the session 

  • Teaching presence/mutual connection

  • Full body massage techniques

  • 5 types of touch

  • Working with hyper/hypo muscles  

  • Working with injuries 

  • Listening to clients’ bodies

  • Techniques to relax, receive and surrender

  • Self-protection, body mechanics/energetically

  • Working with male and female bodies

  • Managing sexual energies

  • Channeling healing energy 

  • Creativity spontaneity and flow states

  • Dosing mechanics

  • Post session energy cleansing/clearing 

  • Session integration

Past dates:






 This workshop is designed for guides who want to learn the process of combining bodywork with medicine, which can promote a deeper dive into the body when working with clients.  When energy is blocked in the body, it can cause people to experience the feeling of being stuck and unable to move on with their lives.  This can cause rigidity, armoring or colapse in the body. 


 By helping clients unlock, release and restore homeostasis an opening occurs, which helps clients recognize, manage and let go of trauma, which has often been held in the body for many years.  When combining bodywork with medicine, the healing process is excellerated and guides can aide and support in the present moment.  This hands on workshop is a must for guides who are interested in deepening their understanding and knowledge of working with people somatically in a safe and powerful way.   


 This is a two-day, 16 hour Level 1 workshop with a light reading of book 2 for a small intimate group of 10.  Massage tables will be used for demonstrating massage techniques. You will choose a partner to work with during the training whom you will also perform homework with after completion of the training. This workshop can be used toward the 30 hours required for the medicine training.