Spirituality & Meditation

Spirituality and Meditation


Now is the time to return to the ancient wisdom of worshipping life. In our daily lives, it ishard to quiet the mind and find stillness, therefore, we teach our clients different meditation and breathing techniques to attain inner peace. We also encourage everyone to start a meditation practice for deeper connection with themselves, which ultimately brings them closer to the source and therefore, feel more inspired in their life. There are many ways to live a spiritual life. We like the concept of devotion, which has to do with service, as well as to dedicate or put faith in something bigger than one's self.

Deeper meditation state with sound healing bowls


Singing bowls have been used for many centuries for meditation and healing. This is an ancient technique used to restore the vibratory frequencies of the body (aka, chakras). It restores and heals the “out of harmony” parts in our mind, soul and body. It also helps one move toward wholeness. During a singing bowl session, a person might experience a deep state of consciousness, just like being in a dream, where the symbolic world comes alive. This experience takes people into other dimensions of the present moment, where all the spectrum of possibilities can be attained.

Booking a session


Prior to scheduling a session, a 30-minute complimentary conversation is required. This informal conversation will help us learn about you and what your needs/goals are and will assist us with drafting a plan that will help you successfully meet your requirements.


Appointment Day


We will start by guiding you through different breathing exercises. After that, we´ll induce you into a deep meditation state which will help to relax every part of your body. When your mind has surrendered and your body is open and ready to receive healing, the singing bowls will start to play. Your only intention should be letting the experience flow through you.